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Create great surveys with NETQ’s survey templates

Customer satisfaction


Voorbeeld enquête sjabloon klanttevredenheid en -beleving

Customers call the shots. Set up a satisfaction template and see how good you
can make them feel!

Employee satisfaction


Template Employee satisfaction and experience questionnaire

Insight into the satisfaction of employees and aspects of work that must be

Market position and potential


Voorbeeld enquête marktpositie en -potentie

Insight into your market and target groups
for setting strategy
and positioning

Brand awareness


Example survey template brand awareness

How do people rate your brand? The brand awareness template gives
immediate insights

Image and positioning


Example survey template image and positioning

Do they really like you? Learn how to wow customers with the image template

Net Promoter Score (NPS)


Voorbeeld enquête Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Would you recommend your business? Assess customer loyalty using the net
promoter score

Price perception and elasticity

Voorbeeld enquête sjabloon prijsbeleving en -elasticiteit

Have you priced it right? Find your true worth with the price perception template

Lost sales/ business


Voorbeeld enquête sjabloon lost sales/business

Insight into reasons for stopping. Offers direct leads
for increasing new
business conversion

Website evaluation

Example survey template website evaluation

How is your website doing? Discover your online value with the website 
evaluation template

Event evaluation


Voorbeeld enquête sjabloon event evaluatie

Need feedback about content and catering? Plan for future events with our event evaluation template


Meaningful insights

Survey findings with ease

Free or grow steady

NETQ’s survey software is designed to help you ask the right questions. Just focus on what you need to know and we will help you test your survey before you send it. Before activation, you’ll compile your own report based on the goals you would like to achieve. It’s the best way to get immediate, meaningful insights.


Creating online surveys has never been easier. NETQ’s wizard guides you quickly and flawlessly from a simple questionnaire to a file full of insights. Just simply drag and drop questions at the live questionnaire or report worksheet. You can change your settings with a single click. Surveys made simple.


NETQ FREE is free for life. Yes, free for life! But if you want to know that little bit more then you can try NETQ GROW, our super survey tool, 14 days free of charge, or if you're a student six months. You can upgrade or downgrade your service at any time.